Brian Taylor


Brian fell in love with dogs as a child.

Though he was never able to personally own a pet due to family restrictions, he was always big on doing what he could to rescue as many pets as he could from going to shelters.

Behind his mother’s back, he rescued and hid many dogs at different points in his basement with the intentions on finding them good homes so they wouldn’t be killed at the shelter. This went on for many years.

In his 20’s, Brian worked for many corporate companies, never feeling connected with the work that he was doing. He knew that he wasn’t passionate about the work he was doing.

In 2010, Brian decided it was time to leave the corporate world. He partnered with other like-minded individuals, and used every dollar of his savings to open, Harlem Doggie Day Spa.

Brian devoted himself to learning all aspects of the grooming and boarding world. He earned certifications from the American Academy of Pet Grooming, a Pet CPR Certification as well as certifications from the New York State Department of Health in Animal Handling and Care Techniques.

With the support of his team and the community, Brian has created a great personal and professional relationship with many pet parent’s and their dogs. Brian believes in going above and beyond for his clients & their pets, because he believes that without them there is no Harlem Doggie Day Spa.