Cage Free Boarding

Not Your Typical ‘Kennel’

Here at Harlem Doggie Day Spa we want to make sure your pup feels like they’re right at home! This is why we’re a cage-free environment. Your pup won’t ever sleep in a kennel. There’s always a staff member on site and the pups sleep slumber party style! We offer beds and blankets to all pups sleeping over. Your dog will have access to our doggie daycare as well during their overnight stay and have additional friends to play with during the day. We also have a backyard, for additional play space and outdoor access without being on the busy New York streets.

At Harlem Doggie Day Spa you will not have to worry about your pet falling asleep! The dogs enjoy their quiet time and have no issue falling asleep through the night because f the long day of activity and play. Think of it as a slumber party! Your dog will choose the friend they want to cuddle with and choose the bed they feel most comfortable in.

We ask that you bring your pup’s normal diet as their tummies can be sensitive. We feed twice a day, breakfast + dinner. If your pup has a special feeding regimen, please feel free to contact a manager to make sure we get all the instructions correctly.

Not all dogs are candidates for cage-free boarding.  Your pet must be spayed or neutered.  All breeds are welcome at Harlem Doggie Day Spa, however, some breeds are not best suited to cage-free boarding.  We do not allow dogs that have to be constantly monitored for behavior issues access to cage-free boarding.  Please call us for more information on cage-free requirements.

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