Ala Carte Services

      Full Day Daycare   $52

Cage-Free Boarding

0-25 lbs // $65 26-50lbs // $75 51-75lbs // $85
76-100lbs // $95 101-125lbs // $110 126+lbs // $130

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Full Day Daycare

Package Name Description Total 
10 Day Pass 10 Days of Daycare // Valid for 90 Days $490
20 Day Pass 20 Days of Daycare // Valid for 90 Days $937
30 Day Pass 30 Days of Daycare // Valid for 90 Days $1307
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Please Note:  All prices shown have sales tax included for Daycare and Boarding. Package expiration date starts from date of first use.

Unaltered Pets over the age of 8 months may incur an additional charge per night for boarding


All of our grooming prices vary depending on the breed, condition of the pup’s fur (Not Including Matted Fee) and any specialized haircuts. We offer a base price, but it can change at the discretion of the groomer. You will be able to receive a more accurate quote once you meet the groomer.

(Taxes are not included)

Full Groom Service (Bath, Nail Trimming/Grinding, Ear Cleaning, Hair Cut)

Small Breed Dog: $100<

Medium Breed Dog: $130<

Large Breed Dog: $150<

Doodles/Poodles: Prices vary based on Style, Size, and Condition of the Coat.

Bath & Fluff Service (Bath, Brush Out, Nail Trim)

Base Price: $55<

Bath & Trim Service (Bath, Brush Out, Nail Trim, Sani-Trim, Paw Pads)

Base Price: $75<