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Dog Daycare (or doggie daycare as we like to call it) is a great solution for your dog when you’re faced with long workdays, day trips, house-guests, entertaining, moving day or even a rambunctious puppy who doesn’t like being home alone. On your busiest days, your dog will enjoy playing safely with canine friends and humans alike instead of sending the time alone or separated from the action. One of our management team members will spend time with your pup to get to know him/her and pair them up with a group of other dogs for playtime based on a variety of factors including, personality, size and temperament. At the end of your dog’s first day of daycare, you’ll receive a ‘paw-gress report’ with photos and information on how they handled the day – playing with others and reacting to new people, for example.

We freely dole out head-scratches, belly rubs and TLC sessions. Especially for new dogs to help them get to know the staff and get more comfortable, as well as older dogs who don’t get around as much and dogs who may be shy around other dogs, so they can still get the attention and socialization that dogs crave.

We balance a good daily routine of play time, nap time and potty time. We have a backyard which helps with the more vigorous of players, so they have an area to run about and get fresh air. Even for the loungers, who like to lay on a nice comfy cot and just sun bathe. Summer time is filled with pool parties and sprinklers! While in the more colder months, we rotate between indoor heated play and outdoor breaks.

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Daycare Policies

Reservations are required for Daycare but you can easily make a reservation online. Rabies, Distemper + Parvo and Bordetella are all required and proof of these vaccinations must be uploaded onto your profile or faxed over to us.

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